‘Saudi Arabia is safe for Nepali migrant workers’

Saudi Arabia, Jan 14: The Nepalese Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has urged all those concerned not to go by the rumours spread in the Nepali online media and social networking sites creating terror and fear among the Nepali workers over the latest escalation of tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

In a notice it issued today, the Embassy stated that an environment of apprehension has been created among the Nepali workers in Saudi Arabia due to the rumour, urging the Nepali migrant workers in Saudi Arabia to be aware.

The Embassy said its serious attention was drawn to the rumours spread by some the Nepali online media and social network misusing the notice it issued in May 2015 for the security and caution of the Nepali workers after the spreading of terror in some places of Saudi Arabia due to the civil war in Yemen sometimes back.