Nepal cine artistes’ association takes action against Thapa

Kathmandu, Jan 18: Nepal Cine Artistes’ Association has taken action against cine artist Suvechha Thapa for allegedly posing for a photo covering her breasts with a khada scarf, which is considered sacred by Buddhists and Hindus.

A meeting of the Association’s executive committee has suspended Thapa, which means that she would not be able to involve in any film-related activities for six months.President of the Association, Ram Keshar Bogati said the Association’s executive committee has taken this decision and the action has been taken with the realisation that the artistes who are the ornaments of the nation should not hurt the sentiments of any religion, sect, communities or groups.

“She (Thapa) has accepted her mistake and we expect she will fully realise it within six months,” Bogati said.

Thapa had posted her half-naked photo in the social sites few weeks back and faced criticism from the Buddhist community.