277 Nepalis died in Saudi Arabia in 2015

(Bharat Pradhan)

Saudi Arabia, Jan 28: A total of 277 Nepali migrant workers died in Saudi Arabia in 2015, according to the Nepali Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Of the total 277, majority of them were found to have died a natural death. A Nepali dies on average in this Gulf country, the figure shows.

Similarly, 229 Nepali migrant workers were recorded dead in Saudi Arabia in 2014.

The death of Nepali migrant workers could be attributed to health hazards like cardiovascular complications and brain paralysis while some were found dead in their sleep, shared Ananda Prasad Sharma, Acting Nepali Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

The road accident, suicides and murder from fellow workers are also some of the causes of their death, Acting Ambassador Sharma said.

Likewise, some Nepali migrant workers were recorded to have died during their work, which is often labor-demanding in the sweltering heat of the Gulf country.

There are currently around 5,000 Nepalis working in Saudi Arabia, the Nepali Embassy in Riyadh said.