PM calls for bringing development wave

Bhaktapur, Feb 1: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has pledged to make the country self-dependent on food with the modernisation of the agro sector and freeing the country from power cuts within a year.

Inaugurating the 10th Central General Convention of the Agricultural Development Bank Employees Association Nepal here Monday, the Prime Minister said he is committed to meeting his pledges for the development of country while adding that the government was extra effortful to take the country out of such adverse situation.

Stating that the government was dedicated to building a modern Nepal, the Prime Minister said, “We want to realize our vision for development with multidimensional approaches, as there is need of bringing a wave for development.”

He also said that the country should now expedite hydropower development that began in 1968 BS with only 440 MW produced so far. “The government is alert to not allow dilly dallying and irregularities in any work”.