PM inspects post-quake reconstruction in Bhuj

(Prakash Silwal)

Gujarat, Feb 23: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who is on a six-day state visit to India, has inspected post-quake reconstructions at Bhimasagar area of Bhuj in Gujarat province today.
PM Oli was there to acquire information about the losses caused by earthquake in 2011 and the post-disaster reconstruction.
On the occasion, Governor of the Gujarat state, OP Kohli, familiarized PM Oli with the reconstruction activities.
A team comprising various ministers, chief secretary, chief executive officer of National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) accompanied the PM during the inspection at a time when Nepal is launching reconstruction activities after April 25 earthquake.
On the occasion, NRA CEO, Sushil Gyawali, said that Nepal could learn from it for the reconstruction.
A total of 18,600 people had lost their lives in the 7.9 Magnitude Earthquake there in 2011.