DPM Rawal urges all to be ready for local bodies’ election

Bhimduttanagar, Feb 26: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Bhim Rawal, has urged all political parties to come in political committee to finalize the province delineation.

While addressing the 9th district council of Kanchanpur today, DPM Rawal urged the Madhes-based parties to come in the committee to finalize the dispute seen in the province delineation as the government has already formed a political committee under the convenorship of DPM Kamal Thapa.
He added that the government was ready to hold formal and informal talks for the same.
He stressed on moving ahead towards the prosperity as the nation got the best constitution.
In another note, DPM Rawal urged all parties to be ready for local bodies’ election as the government was ready for the purpose.