Economic growth without collaboration with private sector impossible-Khatiwada

Pokhara, March 2: National Planning Commission (NPC) Vice-Chair Yubaraj Khatiwada said that it was not possible to attain economic growth without collaboration with private sector.

The NPC Vice-Chair said this at a concluding session of the two-day interaction organized as part of the preparation of 14th three-year plan in province number 4.
He further said the plans and projects to be completed on the involvement of government and private sector would only be sustainable.
Noting that the mobilization of foreign assistance is necessary as the internal resources are not enough to invest for the development projects, he said foreign aid dependence would be gradually slashed if we increase the national revenue by expanding the base of tax in a systematic manner.
Over 400,000 human resource would be required for the reconstruction of physical structures devastated by the 25 April earthquake in 14 districts, he said, stressing that the unemployed youths of the country should be provided required training and mobilized them for reconstruction.
He also shared that the NPC has been searching for appropriate land for the construction of fuel storage centres in different places in all seven provinces.
Also speaking on the occasion, various political party leaders underscored the need to set national agenda for overall development.
Regional Administrator Shanker Prasad Koirala presided over the programme participated in by both state and non-state actors.