Minister Manabi pledges to grant subsidized loan to livestock farmers

Waling, March 10: Minister for Livestock Development, Shanta Manabí, has said the government would provide soft loans to the farmers adopting commercial livestock.
Minister Manabi said this while inaugurating a daylong workshop on ‘Possibility, problem, opportunity and challenge of goat farming’ organized by Goat Village Campaign for Youths, Syangja in Waling on Wednesday.
The Minister shared that necessary preparation is underway to grant soft loan to commercial farmers in an easy and simplified manner. “The government is ready to provide subsidy to livestock farmers”, Minister said, adding that the government however will come up with policy to tighten the screw on those operating firms merely for receiving grants.
Stressing that the country should be made self-sufficient on meat, egg and milk, the Minister noted the importance of adopting improved and modern style in livestock business.
The workshop attended by around 400 livestock farmers of 44 districts has released a 15-point Syangja Declaration. The Declaration was handed over to the Minister on the occasion.