Films on Buddha to premiere at film festival in Bangladesh

Kathmandu, March 14: The Cox Beach International Film Festival – 2016 to be held in Bangladesh from April 15 to 22 will premiere films produced in Nepal that convey facts related to Buddha and his birthplace in Nepal.

The International Academy of Film and Media is collaborating with the Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry of Bangladesh in the film festival being coordinated by Trust me Foundation from Nepal.
Foundation’s President, Janisha Bhattarai, said the films and documentaries being screened will let the world into an opportunity to know Nepal’s identity and its positive sides.
The festival will feature documentaries produced in Nepal on Buddha, reconstruction, post-quake nation building, the destructive earthquake which struck on April 25 last year (sans adverse impact on Nepal’s tourism), and films on the role of integrated SAARC for industrial revolution and economic development.
The feature films made in 2015, new documentaries and those produced within the last three years will also be screened.
Film actors, directors, critics and various personalities from Hollywood, Bollywood, Russia, Poland, the UK, Iran, Canada and Japan including many other countries will be participating.