Typical Holi song Jogira on the verge of extinction

Gaushala (Mahottari), March 15: The Jogira song is on the verge of disappearance with youths in particular switching to modern types of celebrating the festival lately. Jogira are a kind of traditional songs sung in Mithilanchal during the Holi festival.

A lack of mutual goodwill, brotherhood and social unity among youth is also blamed for the situation.In the past, people, be them children, youth and elderly, would play various types of musical instruments like harmonium and sing Jogira in every nook and cranny of Mahottari district even one month before the festival.

People also would sing hymns of gods and goddesses, talk about love and separation, and express happiness through the song.

But things have changed now and local people said that such song is nowhere to be heard across the whole district even when the Holi festival is around the corner.

Rabindra Bhagat of Manara village said that even people working abroad would make it to the villages to celebrate Holi and the song would be sung in nook and cranny of villages till late night even one month before the festival began.

Another local resident Ram Babu Chaudhary of Jaleshwor-5 said that feelings of social harmony are also on the decline.

The local residents have demanded that the traditional culture should be preserved and the participation of youth in such drive is essential.