Ministry intensifies dress code for civil servants

Kathmandu, March 27: The Ministry of General Administration has intensified the monitoring of the implementation of the dress code for the civil servants posted inside the Singha Durbar, country’s main administrative hub.
The Ministry has deputed a monitoring team headed by an under-secretary in all the three entrances to the Singha Durbar during the office arrival time in a bid to enforce the dress code.

It may be noted that civil servants draw annually Rs 7,500 as dress (uniform) allowance from the government.

In a meeting of Good Governance and Monitoring Committee of the Legislature-Parliament today, Minister for General Administration, Rekha Sharma shared that during the monitoring, most of civil servants (around 80 per cent) of Foreign Employment Department and Transport Management Office were in unofficial dress.

According to Ministry Secretary Tankamani Sharma, the lack of effective implementation of dress code has created a problem in identifying who are employees and who are middlemen in the offices facing a flow of service recipients. The dress code for the civil servants be strongly implemented as it helps make them morally responsible for the duty and service recipients, he stressed.

In two days of monitoring, around 545 employees in unofficial uniform were barred from entering the offices. RSS