Public entities must run as per people’s wishes and the spirit of constitution: Minister Rai

Kathmandu, April 03: Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai has said that the public entities under the Ministry must run themselves as per the people’s aspiration and the spirit of the new constitution, based on the specific road for reforms.

Commenting on the Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) Management Reforms Roadmap 2016 here today, Minister Rai directed all representatives of the state organs to improve their thought and style, respect people’s aspiration, not repeat mistakes of the past and work for speedy reforms. “I urge RSS authorities to work based on the roadmap and not dilly dally in the name of budget. The Ministry will facilitate as well as evaluate it with necessary reward and punishment”, he said.

Stating that institutions like RSS have become an organisation of political play as a result of partisan interests of governments in the past, Minister Rai said we should all work and move ahead as per the spirit of nationality.

He also suggested enforcing the RSS reforms roadmap by rising above the present status quo and restoring the lost reliability of RSS and its services.

Communications Secretary Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said the roadmap was the starting point of making all sub-ordinate bodies under the ministry result-oriented. Through reforms we want to reform not only the actors but both the actor and trend, and it is a positive intervention for qualitative change.

He also pledged necessary support for establishing RSS as an information bank.

RSS Chairman Kul Chandra Wagley urged RSS staff to provide their feedback and comments on the roadmap to give it a final shape for ultimate implementation.

Presenting the roadmap, RSS General Manager Nirmala Acharya said budget constraint was one of the major challenges before RSS today. She also called for the Ministry’s support in recruiting correspondents for RSS in Beijing and New Delhi.

RSS Deputy General Manager Surendra Bahadur Nepali and RSS Board of Directors member Gangadhar Parajuli called for effective enforcement of the roadmap developed at the initiative of the Communications Ministry. RSS