People flocking to drink yak blood

Mustang, April 23: Hordes of people have been arriving at Boksikhola of Mustang district to partake raw blood of yak.

Besides Mustang, people from Myagdi, Parbat, Baglung and Pokhara have been pouring to Boksikhola to partake in this annual tradition of drinking fresh blood extracted from yaks.It is believed that drinking the raw yak blood cures gastritis, jaundice and skin diseases, and relieves body sprain and swelling.

Local yak herders have said that they have made a good income selling the yak blood. Govinda Sherchan, a local farmer, said that the yak’s blood has medicinal value as the yak feeds on many herbs with medicinal values in the highland pastures.

A glass full of yak blood is sold for Rs 150. The blood is extracted rupturing a certain vein on the neck of the yak using a special knife. Blood from as many as 500 yaks is extracted and maximum five glasses from a single animal, it is stated.