Water crisis on rise in far-west hilly region

Doti, April 26: The sources of water are drying up in hilly districts of far-western region with the rise in temperature.

With the sources drying the locals are compelled to queue up to fill drinking water. The sources which were not dried up in previous years now are not providing water anymore.
Locals have to fetch drinking water from far walking distance when its sources are drying up in Ladagada and Lamikhal VDCs of Doti district, said Padma Dhami, a local of Lamikhal VDC.
Likewise, the problem is becoming Chawara Chautara VDC-8. “We need to walk for hours to bring water with its sources drying up day after day”, said Kamal Bam, a local.
The locals of rural village of Doti district are reeling under severe water crisis resulting from the long spell of drought and rising temperature.