PM assures shelters to quake victims before mid-june

Kathmandu, April 26: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli assured of bringing the quake-stricken under the shelters by the second week of June.

In response to a memorandum submitted by a delegation of Nepali Congress (NC) parliamentarians here on Tuesday, PM Oli said the government was working vigorously for appropriate resettlement of the quake victims.

Stating that the reconstruction process was moving ahead as per the agreement to mobilise the support received from the donor agencies during the term of the preceding government, PM Oli said, “There should be a realistic approach and mutual support in connection to the reconstruction.”

Reminiscent of the offer made to him to become the Prime Minister during the time when none of the parties had won majority in the second Constituent Assembly (CA) election, the PM reminded that he had vouched for the idea that the government should be formed only with the support and advice of NC.

PM Oli said that he had taken the initiative in forming the NC-led government and that the government was a result of the gentleman’s agreement reached between NC and CPN-UML. PM said that he had never decried the NC-led government publicly.

The PM maintained that agreement and cooperation should be upheld no matter who was in the government leadership and added that the Constitution was democratic and could be amended as per necessity.

“I am serious towards the complaints on artificial shortage seen in the market,” PM Oli shared and underlined the government’s preparation for stringent measures to control it.

NC lawmaker, Dhanraj Gurung, presented the memorandum and accused the government of remaining apathetic towards the urgency to provide relief to the quake-stricken and for post-quake reconstruction.

“The government should have been able to work during this difficult situation, but it is happy with the words,” NC stated. The main opposition has demanded disbursement of the relief to the quake victims in packages rather than in instalments.

It has suggested the government to adopt e-banking system to facilitate the distribution of relief and provide cost-free map approval scheme for those reconstructing their home.