collaboration a must for implementing new constitution: Leader Nepal

Dhankuta, April 30: CPN (UML) senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has stated that there should be mutual cooperation and collaboration among the political parties for effective implementation of the new constitution and to let country make headway for development.

Leader Nepal, who is visiting various places across the Eastern region, said so with media persons in Dhankuta this morning. Underscoring consensus among the three major political parties for ushering the country to prosperity by implementing new constitution, Nepal, also former Prime Minister opined that the Nepali Congress (NC) should be roped into the national unity government.
NC, the biggest political party in Legislature-Parliament, is now the major opposition.
He spoke of the need for establishing rule of law in the country where, according to him, many aberrations and anomalies were mushrooming lately due to political instability. “The incumbent government’s spirit is being dampened due to some unfavorable remarks made by few leaders from the coalition party,” commented Nepal.