Prachanda insists on national consensus and unity

Biratnagar, May 02: UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal today outlined national consensus, unity and cooperation as today’s necessity.

Speaking to journalists at the Biratnagar Airport, Dahal termed national unity as an essential factor to deal with the challenges facing the country and address the demands of the disgruntled sides.

Responding to the journalists’ questions, Dahal said he did not view the discussion on Nepal’s future held at the British parliament as usual, and added it was not right to speak on matters related to Nepal’s internal affairs.

Dahal emphasized that he does not have any thoughts on changing the present government. We should focus our work on implementing the new constitution and reconstruction, Dahal said.

He added further that the government’s work will be reviewed and discussion on a wide range of subjects will be held in parliamentary meetings starting from tomorrow. RSS