Three parties, including NC, register amendment on Govt policy and programmes

Kathmandu, May 9: Three political parties including Nepali Congress (NC) have registered amendment proposal on the newly announced government policy and programs.

President Bidya Devi Bhandari on Sunday presented the government policy and programmes for fiscal year 2016/017 at the Legislature-Parliament.

The timing for the parliamentarians to register their amendment proposals on the same was determined from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday.

During this period, the Legislature-Parliament saw the registration of four amendment proposals, including NC’s 16-point proposal, according to Sudarshan Kuikel, Assistant-Spokesperson at the Legislature-Parliament Secretariat.

The amendment proposal registered by NC states that the environment wherein the newly promulgated constitution be accepted by one and all political parties should be ensured by addressing the constitution-related discontent as well as the agitation waged by disgruntled Madhesh-centric political parties.

The major opposition also proposes that genuine demands raised by other political parties be addressed forging a political consensus.

Similarly, the amendment proposal includes formulation of new law, policies and structure for effective implementation of the new national statute, according to NC lawmaker Ramesh Lekhak. “The major challenge now is the effective implementation of the government policy and programmes and budget. A favorable situation must be created wherein the budget could be implemented acknowledging the realities that there was no remarkable capital expenditure and physical achievements,” reads the NC’s amendment proposal.

The amendment proposal mentions that that the Legislature-Parliament shall be informed of scientific calculation of the cost and tenure of the various newly proposed programmes, acknowledging the continuation of such programmes and policy and coordination for the same.

Furthermore, the proposal states that the government adopt ‘zero tolerance’ against corruption and ensure good governance. The party has also proposed including a sentence reading that local elections would be held only on the basis of consensus after determining the number and borders of the federal units.

Likewise, Khumbuwan Rastriya Morcha has proposed amending concerning the term ‘since santan times’ under provision related to religion.

Also, lawmakers Anuradha Thapa Magar and Prem Suwal, registering their separate amendment proposals on the behalf of Nepal Workers and Peasants Party, have sought generation of biogas and manure from the waste in the Kathmandu Valley.

Moreover, they have also proposed to make health services and education free and to mobile Nepal Army personnel in border security and development programmes. RSS