Madheshi Morcha’s agitation has no meaning: Minister Rai

Kathmandu, May 18: Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai said that the Kathmandu-centric agitation launched by the Federal Alliance has no essence and meaning.

Speaking at a programme organised at the Reporters’ Club in the Capital on Wednesday, Minister Rai said that the agitation launched by theFederal Alliance was meaningless. He claimed that the Alliance would return to the negotiation table soon.

Stating that the government had sent a letter to the Alliance inviting it for the talks, he claimed that the government would not bow down to the agitation launched by the protesting parties.

Saying that the demand of the Alliance to rewrite the Constitution was dangerous, he said that the demand would not be addressed at any cost. He added that it was the insult of people.

“This Constitution was not promulgated with anyone’s mercy. Agitators are trying to push the country towards the path of civil war. They are trying to foil the process to implement the Constitution,” he said.

Minister Rai said, “The government will not let their wish come true.”