JICA starts feasibility study for promoting Argeli farming

Ilam, May 22: The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has started the feasibility study for the promotion of cultivation of the Argeli plant in Ilam and Panchthar districts of east Nepal.

The hand-made paper made using the fibre from the bark of the Argeli plant is used in making the Japanese Yen currency notes.

Most of the hand-made paper using the bark of the Argeli, a shrub, is exported to Japan. Although handmade paper from the Argeli plant has been manufactured in the district since two years back, its commercial cultivation is not yet in practice.

Kanpou Inc., a government-owned paper company of Japan, has been assisting in the promotion of export of handmade paper made from Argeli plant known as Mitsumata in Japan. The plant is found in abundance in Mabu, Maimajhuwa, Chamaita, Puwamajhuwa, Sankhejung and Maipokhari of Ilam district. RSS