Political issues should be resolved through politically : Chair Yadav

Kathmandu, May 22: Chairman of the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Mr. Upendra Yadav has clarified that the political issues should be resolved through politically. Yadav defended the protest launched by the Federal Alliance including Madhesi, Janjati, Tharu, Aadibasi and others, of which he is a part, in the kathmandu-centric, claiming that the protest means to strengthen the national unity. He said, ” Our protest won’t weaken the national unity, it makes strong the national unity.”

Speaking at the face-to-face program organized by the Reporter’s Club Nepal on Sunday, Chairman Yadav has said that the protest aims at addressing aspirations of all communities including Madhesi, indigenous, Janajatis and marganalised groups among others. “We are getting warm supports from the kathmandu-centric peoples”, he added.

Chairman Yadav further said that they have taken to the streets to protest the new constitution, which he claimed was described as incomplete also by former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav and former Prime Ministers and former Chairman of the CPDCS Dr Baburam Bhattarai and Former Prime Minister and NC Presisident Sushil Koirala and Chairman of CPN-Maoist Centre Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. “The constitution belongs to all Nepalis and it should be rewritten to keep all Nepalis content,” he said while program presided by the Reporters’ Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala.

Responding to the queries of journalist for who is responsible for not holding the consensus, he said that they were not running away from talks. “It was the Prime Minister himself who disrupted the dialogue,” he claimed. Yadav insisted on seeking ways to sort out political problems through political means.