We demand amendment in the constitution, not rewriting: Chair Mahato (with video)

Kathmandu, May 24: Chairman of the Sadhbawana party Rajendra Mahato has clarified that Morcha has not demanded to rewrite of the constitution.

Mahato blamed the government of foiling the environment of talks rather than taking initiatives to forge the consensus. He pointed out the need of amendment of constitution, admitting that there are weaknesses in the new constitution.

Speaking at the face-to-face program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Tuesday, Chairman Mahato said, “we want amendment over the dissident’s article of the constitution, we don’t want to reinstate of the constitution assembly in the name of the rewriting of constitution & we had never been discussed in that issues.”

Mahato opined that there is no necessary of rewriting of the constitution, while the convener of the Federal Alliance Upendra Yadav has been reiterated that the Morcha won’t sit for talks unless the government committed for rewriting of the constitution.

Speaking at the program presided by the Club’s president Rishi Dhamala, Chair Mahato has stressed that the PM called all party meeting was positive. He said, ” PM’s letter does not divide and rule among morcha’s leader.” He clarified that madheshi morcha has its own existence.

Although, Chairman Mahato commented that the PM’s letter was unusual. He said Morcha will reply the letter of Prime Minister. Mahato said, “We will send a reply of PM’s letter soon but it takes few days.”

Clarifying that the PM had called the all party meeting without consulting with them, He blamed that the ruling parties leader have floated false information in peoples.

Chair Mahato clarified that Morcha won’t sit for talks with government on this situation unless the government released its opinions regard their proper demands. He said, “We had sat 36 times in the table of talks, but had not received any proper achievement, the government is not responsible over our agendas”.

He stressed that Morcha was, and now also in favor of resolve the issues through dialogue.