Morcha would support to new coalition only if its leaders expressed a commitment : Mahato

Kathmandu, July 29: Chairman of the Sadbhawana Party, Mr. Rajendra Mahato said Nepali Congress and CPN Maoist Centre – which are in a bid to form a new coalition government – have not yet sought support from the protesting United Democratic Madhesi Front for the government formation.

Speaking at the face-to-face program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal, on Friday, Chairman Mahato has said the UDMF would extend support to the government only if the new coalition leaders expressed a commitment to address concerns of the protesting bloc.

Upon receiving their commitment, the UDMF constituents may even join the government, he hinted. He, however, maintained that the UDMF was yet to take any formal decision about whether to join the government, speaking at the program presided by the club’s president Rishi Dhamala.

rajendar mahato ji ji

“They (NC and CPN MC) should present their views on our 11-point demand clearly,” he said, “Then only we can decide whether to take part in the government.”

Mahato was hopeful that the NC and the CPN MC would address demands of the protesters as they had expressed a commitment for the same in a seven-point agreement they forged while forming the coalition.

“We are eager to see how they will implement it,” he added. He also informed that the UDMF constituents may also support the government without joining it.

“Our main concern is our issue,” he said urging all Madhes-centric parties not to hurry to join the government.