37 injured in foiled Morocco mass jailbreak

RABAT, July 29 (Xinhua) : 37 people including 28 security forces were injured in a foiled collective prison break in Morocco, local media reported on Friday.

Nine prisoners were sent to Mohammed V Hospital following the attempt on Thursday midnight by a group of minors at the Juvenile Correction and Discipline Center in Oukacha Prison in Casablanca, Hespress.com news site said citing medical sources.

To implement their plan, a group of teenagers set fire to cause destabilization inside the prison, attacked the guards and tried to steal their arms before taking three trucks to break out, the news site revealed.

The quick intervention of the security forces and their use of bullets stood in the way of their escape from the prison, the same source added.

Security forces surrounded the prison whereas a special commando stepped in and got the prisoners out to the yard to prevent further injuries and control the situation, it said.