Expedite administrative restructuring: PM Dahal

Kathmandu, Sept 6: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said administrative restructuring of the country has to be accomplished quickly in order to implement the constitution.

During a meeting of the high-level federalism implementation and administrative restructuring direction committee at his office on Tuesday, PM Dahal said the administrative restructuring was essential also to conduct the elections in three tiers- central, provincial, and local levels- by the January 20, 2018.

“Federalism must be implemented to obviate political crisis in the country,” he said, however, adding that administrative restructuring was more difficult task.

According to him, sharing responsibility and power to the security bodies in different levels was one of the difficult aspects in the administrative restructuring. The administrative restructuring could not be done in bit and pieces, so entire activities should be carried out together.

On the occasion, Chief Secretary Dr Somlal Subedi admitted that the Ministries failed to advance the activities as per the expectation to this regard.

“There is still a dilemma on the ways to federalize the administrative structure. So, the activities are delayed, and result still waited,” he added. RSS