Resolution not possible without further modification of Constitution amendment bill: Gachchhadar

KATHMANDU, Jan 7: Chairman of Madhesi Rights Forum (Democratic), Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar has said that they will vote for the amendment proposal of their own party over the constitution amendment bill registered by the government.

Apprehending the memorandum submitted by the president of Nepal Reporters’ Club Rishi Dhamala on Saturday, Gachchhadar asserted that he and his party has never favoured extremism, and claimed to have always followed middle-path approach to resolve the ongoing political stand-up. He added even now his party is in regular interaction with other political parties for positive outcome and consensus.

Noting the importance of co-operation, unity and consensus between the parties he said, “The constitution amendment should address the current conflicts and past agreements.”

He added that the recent government-proposed constitution amendment bill is incomplete and needs further improvement.

He complained that the government had put forward the amendment bill without interacting with them despite being a ruling party.

Mentioning that constitutional amendment was their party’s agenda since the beginning, he said amending the constitution with two-third majority will not solve the problem and requires minimum understanding among the major political parties.

“Constitution was drafted by the 90 percent vote, yet has not been implemented. Two-third majority will not work, 100 percent agreement is not necessary, maximum consensus should be done addressing the issues of dissatisfied parties.”

Stressing the importance of election of all three levels within specified time, he stated that there is the constitutional compulsion of election of local, provincial and parliament before Magh 7 of 2074.

Stating that the allocation of 7 provinces will not solve the ongoing problems, he stressed the importance of 8 provinces. He expressed his dissatisfaction over not addressing the issues of Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Kailali and Kanchanpur by the amendment bill. He mentioned that Tharus were deceived and urged to include Kailali and Kanchanpur in Province 5 and demanded a separate province in Eastern region.