‘Timely election needs passing of required laws first’

KATHMANDU, Jan 11: Chief election commissioner Dr. Ayodh Prasad Yadav has urged the government should come up with certain measures if election is to be held in the given period of time.
He admitted the readiness of the election commission to hold election of all three levels and reminded that fact that the government has not been able to pass the required law of election.
“Declaration of election date is not enough -holding an election requires measures and resources,” he told Rishi Dhamala in a Nepali Radio Network’s talk program. ”

“The election in Chaitra is not possible, and Baisakh–there is not much time.” he added. “And not having law is a baseless claim.”

“Election is a nationwide demand. When I visit places in Madhesh, Pahad and Himal, people expect election should be held, and in time,” he said prompting the election commission’s willingness to give outlet to nation.

He continued, “If local level election should be held, it requires correction of local body procedure act 2048. We have already put it the government but it has not been amended yet.”

He mentioned should election be held traditionally, ecology will not be a complication. For local level election, voters’ list act, act related to political parties, election crime and punishment act and local lever procedure act have to be passed and Restructuring commission’s report has to be made available.

He stressed on the need of election at any cost to protect people’s sovereignty and said, “Election of all three levels by Magh 7 of 2074 is a constitutional compulsion. There is no other choice.”

He said that bordering of province is important for holding Local Assembly election which needs fixing of 165 constituency. He also promised for unbiased and just election.