Nepali movie ‘Network’: a true reflection of contemporary society

KATHMANDU, Jan 15: New Nepali motion picture ‘Network’, which is set to be released on 7th of Magh in more than four dozens of halls, presents a true reflection of contemporary society– covering stories of drug abuse, girls trafficking and child psychology.

The movie– bannered by World Cover Media production company, and produced by Vijay KC  has already released its trailer in Highlights Nepal’s official you tube site, and also come up with first-look posters nationwide– is believed to provide educative messages to its viewers and audiences about the role of parents, guardians and society to help prevent drug addiction and abusive trend in youths and fight against other existing social evils and malpractices.

Directed by Narendra Bahadur Dhami, the movie ‘Network’ has featured its casts Bijay KC, Krishna Bhattarai, Niru Budha Magar and Nisha Tamang in its posters and movie trailer.

The movie is cinematographed, edited by Birendra Bhat and choreographed by Bijay KC. It is distributed by AD Entertainment, of which Dipak Shrestha is handling the responsibility.

Its music is composed and conducted by Suresh Shahi.