Juventus’ new logo criticized on social media.

logo criticized on social media

TURIN, Jan 18: Juventus’ new logo is being criticized on social media.

The stark badge featuring a J in white and black in the shape of a shield contrasts sharply with the old badge, an oval crest in traditional white and black stripes with a charging bull.

Club president Andrea Agnelli says, “This new logo is a symbol of the Juventus way of living.”

Parodies online have likened the logo to a Chinese letter and a street sign.

Retired tennis player Robin Soderling playfully acknowledged the logo is similar to his own brand.

The logo was presented in Milan late Monday.

“I saw the future of music in the 1970s. Now, Juventus have seen the future of football,” electronic dance music great Giorgio Moroder was quoted as saying on Juventus’ Twitter account after attending the presentation.AP