Government should not be moved by Morcha’s desire: Rawal


KATHMANDU, Jan 18: CPN-UML vice chairman Bhim Rawal has said that small numbered Madheshi Morcha’s attempt should not come into the way of election.

Speaking to Club president Rishi Dhamala during a face to face interaction program organized at Reporters’ Club Nepal in Bhrikutimadap today, he urged the government should not be moved by the Morcha’s desire.

He said, “Even Mohan Baidhya’s power (party) could not stop the second election of constituent assembly. This election should not be stopped listening to some two-three Madheshi leaders. PM Prachanda must fix the election date immediately. We don’t have other alternatives to holding election as it can create uncertainty leading the nation into more conflict.”

He also challenged the Morcha leaders to come election with their agenda if they have earned Terai-Madhesh’s peoples’ trust. “We have already amended the constitution once. Let’s go to election first, then we shall talk according to the given mandate. I dare Madheshi people to come to election. Everyone knows, we won 40 seats in Madhesh.”

He also said the CPN-UML is completely ready to support the government in holding of the election, and further mentioned that writing of constitution was favored and approved by the 90 percent of people’s signature –which was the very reason the constitution did not need any immediate amendment.

When asked about ‘Madheshi Morcha wanted to send him to jail’, he replied  to the media persons, “It is treacherous ones who must be put to jail. The issue of constitution amendment is the influence of foreign meddling. If there really exists a government, and has courage, let the government send them to jail.”

He also accused the defeated Morcha leaders to have gone to foreign Embassy and then talked about Madhesh.