Villains of gold smuggling will be punished at any cost: IGP Aaryal

gold smuggling

KATHMANDU, Jan 19: Inspector General of Police Upendra Kanta Aaryal has guaranteed to sentence every singular individual involved in gold smuggling. He claims Nepal Police have capable mechanisms and have high level information other than gold carriers. He assures that Nepal Police will go step by step till the core of gold smuggling and arrest the villains at any cost.

The edited excerpt of the interview of  IGP Upendra Kanta Aryal and senior journalist Rishi Dhamala:

What is the message of Asian Regional Conference of INTERPOL?

The primary message of  Asian Regional Conference of INTERPOL is establishing international co-ordination in crime world and building foundation of information.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said it is the global campaign against crime. Have you readied yourself for that challenge?

Of Course, we are ready. Crime is taking place in organized way. If we cannot fight against it co-coordinating internationally, the criminal activities will only expand further more.

Is global campaign to control crime good enough? Do you have resources?

We will operate based on our information and experiences. we have developed technologies, and we have manpower.

Criminal activities have been increasing lately. How will assure people that they are completely secure?

Right! In light of recent crime spikes, we are open 24 hours. We have always succeeded on arresting the convicts; we have seized the stolen property. It doesn’t mean crime has stopped- We are still active.

Can social media be blamed for increased crime?

Certainly! Social media has variety of purposes. Abusing of social media is causing crime. It is everyone’s duty to utilize technology properly. We are capable of finding scientific solution to social media crime.

How about arresting the criminals hiding in Asia?

INTERPOL exchanges information. Not only in Asia but around the world the underground mafia and other criminals are gaining place. They stay in hide, flee from one country to another country. Now we will operate on INTERPOL based information in order to arrest such criminals. They cannot hide anymore. The countries associated with INTERPOL must organize and increase the exchange of information.

How will you stop internet crime?

We use technology. INTERPOL based information will help.

Why haven’t you been able to punish gold smugglers?

We are working on that. We will punish them in a new way following effective laws.

If so, is Nepal Police able to investigate and punish the involved to the root?

we are carrying out investigation to find its core. We have law and manpower. We will punish them.

People are saying that Nepal Police failed to catch the major character behind the gold smuggling but the carriers.

No. Information we have suggests above and beyond the gold carriers. Targeting the carriers is the first step. We will investigate step by step, reach to the core and get the villains.

Can we expect the result soon?

I can’t say how far we have reached on  this. We have mobilized forces everywhere.

Will the villains be arrested then?

Definitely. Trust us. Every singular person involved will be punished.

What kind of strategy you are building for criminal activities in border area?

There are problems. We are doing what we can to control crime.