How appointment of 80 judges was unfair: What Attorney General Shrestha says?

Attorney General Shrestha

KATHMANDU, Jan 22: Attorney General Raman Kumar Shrestha said that the resistance against the High court of Nepal was due to unfair appointment of judges by the judicial council.

During an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Sunday, he said that the council had appointed only one judge from the group of nine qualified government attorneys while appointing every interested one from law and court parties.

“Appointment of judges is unjust in every terms- meaning- government lawyers were ruled out inclusively, by number and even by ranking.”

“Governmental lawyers consist of 4 secretaries 31 vice-secretaries, high court consists of 2 secretaries and 24 vice-secretaries, law 6 secretaries and 21 vice secretaries- if we consider it, the appointment procedure of 80 judges exclude the number of manpower government lawyers have,” he added “Even Kiran Poudel who was announced –the best civil servant- was not appointed as judge.”

“The judicial council’s nomination of justices is in every way biased,” he furthered.

The High court of Nepal saw resistance from governmental attorneys and trade union today.

They are withdrawing from all court proceedings including hearings across the country demanding the High court correct its decision of judges appointment.

Lawyers from Office of Attorney General and four trade unions initiated this protest.

When asked by senior journalist Rishi Dhamala, if he would continue protesting until the council makes changes on their decision, he backed the protesting governmental lawyers and trade union’s step to be fair saying, “Whatever the governmental lawyers and trade union decides I will agree on that.”