Nepal ranked 131 in the Corruption Perception Index -2016 list

Corruption Perception Index

KATHMANDU, Jan 25: Nepal has slightly improved its position in the Corruption Perception Index, but still continues to lag behind in the list of world’s most corrupted countries.

Nepal has been ranked 131st in the list of the CPI-2016 published today by the Transparency International Nepal (TIN) with the country getting 29 points out of the total 100 marks, a slight change from 27 in 2015, out of the total 176 countries across the world under study.

Of the countries that have been placed in the list, Denmark and New Zealand have emerged as clean countries with little corruption records with 90 points each. Likewise, Somalia has been placed as the most corrupted country with a meager 10 points.

Likewise, from South Asian countries, Bhutan has been ranked 27th with 65 points, India 79th with 40 points and Maldives and Sri Lanka 95th with 36 points each.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan have been placed in 116th position with 32 points, 145th position with 26 points and 169th position with 15 points respectively. Similarly, neighbouring China stands at 79th position with 40 points.

“Although there is little progress in Nepal’s concept of corruption as compared to the previous year, the point Nepal has secured is too much little,” said Chairman of the TIN Srihari Aryal.

The report has been prepared on the basis of a survey carried out by various six organisations like World Bank, World Economic Forum, Global Insight, Bertelsmann Foundation, World Justice Project and VDEM, the TIN said.

It said the index was prepared based on the experts’ opinions of public sector corruption, strong access to information system and rules governing the behavior of those in public positions. RSS