‘Nepal’s relation with neighboring countries have progressed’

nepal's relation with neighboring countries have progressed

TULSIPUR, Jan 25: Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat has said that Nepal’s relations with the neighbouring countries have progressed.
Addressing a press conference organised by the Press Union, Dang chapter at Chakhaura today, he said, “Regular meetings are taking place for improving the relations with India and China, which have produced good results,” he added.
The Minister for Foreign Affairs also shared that a task force has been formed for studying and observing the management of the insurance of Nepali migrant workers abroad within two months. He stated that the Insurance Board has been consulted for managing the insurance of Nepali migrant workers abroad and this insurance scheme would be implemented soon.
Minister Mahat, who is also the central committee member of the Nepali Congress, maintained that the government was vigorously working to bring all the parties on board into consensus for organising the local polls for constitution implementation.
He further said the present government was formed to give an outlet to the country from the present deadlock and propel the country’s development, adding the government has prioritised both. The Minister stated that the date for the local election would also be announced soon. Union’s Dang chapter president Sushil Basnet presided. RSS