Tabled constitution amendment bill is meaningless: Upendra Yadav

amendment bill meaningless

KATHMANDU, Jan 26: Chairman of Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal and coordinator of federal alliance Upendra Yadav has said that the constitution amendment bill tabled in the parliament has no value.

“The tabled amendment bill has no value. Whether it is endorsed or not will be meaningless nonetheless. it will not lead to any resolution.” he said.

During an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal presided by club president and senior journalist Rishi Dhamala, he said “The current constitution comprises of several errors as it does not address issues and demands of people. It needs to be corrected, amended and rewritten.”

He also accused government to have breached the principles of constitution. “The constitution only grants the provision of 25 ministers. But the current cabinet has been extended to 43.” he said.

He also warned that the election held by force and without gathering people’s support will be pointless, and stressed the constitution must address issues of Madheshis, Janajati and several other groups to earn public acceptability.

He accused the government to have been confused of whether to hold local level election or local body election. “Local body election is an old matter now, and the current constitution talks about holding of local level election.”

He also expressed his dissatisfaction over the report forwarded by the Local level restructuring commission as it did not address the issues of Terai which consists of about half of the country’s population.

In another note, he said that no international relation is formed on principles but on national interest.

He stated that Diplomatic relation and foreign policy has to be established on these four national interest which are sovereignty, economic prosperity, national security and economic prosperity.

He added, “National interest must be our country’s own. In case of Nepal, these interests are inclined to political parties’ interest which has created problems. The deals the political parties’ interests combine with foreign countries such as Indian government has shadowed the international interest.”

He stressed on building progressive relationship between Nepal and India.

“Both countries must understand the spirit of each other and try to resolve the conflicts diplomatically through discussion and understanding,” he continued.

He was also positive that Nepal can get benefits from the development of several aspects of India.