Construction of International standard football stadium begun at Jaleshwor

JALESHWOR, Jan 28: Construction of a football stadium of international standard has begun at Jaleshwor-5 in Mahottari district.
Detail Project Report (DPR) is now being prepared to construct international football stadium.
Engineer at the National Sports Council (NSC), Sanjeev Pathak, said that the proposal of the NSC of changing the Belajaleshwor stadium into a football ground of international standard in the Nation Plan 2016/17 has already been approved.
DPR was on by allocating one million rupees with an objective of constructing football ground of international standard.
Further construction task would be started after submitting the DPR report including cost for the construction of the stadium, addition land required for the same, added Pathak.
Additional land is required for the audience even if 0ne bigha and 10 kattha land is enough for the ground the stadium, said Pathak. RSS