Martyrs’ families question political leaders’ public commitment

Martyrs' families

KATHMANDU, Jan 29: As the nation observed silence in memory of martyrs who gave their life to establish democracy, Reporters’ Club Nepal’s gallery seemed more mournful since filled with the cry of the martyrs’ family.

The program organized to pay tribute to the martyrs today witnessed tears and questions from the family and relatives of Martyrs and injured of the 2063 People’s Movement.

“My husband died in People’s Movement. He became martyr. He didn’t go to the street just to see the mass. He carried dream of bringing change in the nation.” said Prabha Khadka all eyes into tears.

“Where are the political leaders? They became ministers and prime ministers after our family selflessly paid blood in the street. What happened to their dreams?” added Khadka reminiscing her husband Pradumna Khadka who died in People’s movement 2063.


Martyrs' families
Bijay Lal Shrestha, younger brother of Martyr Ganga Lal Shrestha speaks during the program

During the program, Bijay Lal Shrestha, younger brother of great Martyr Ganga Lal Shrestha said in dismay that political leaders have forgotten history. He was very grateful to senior journalist and the Reporters’ Club President for inviting him at the program and the interview in the morning.


“Our Political leaders have never invited me. But Rishi Dhamala remembered me and invited me to the club today. I am really glad that there are still some who hasn’t forgotten our history,” he said.

He stated that Panchayati system was the result of political leaders not being able to protect democracy.

“These political leaders have forgotten history. They have forgotten why martyrs gave life,” he added. “They have started political farming martyrs for fulfilling their needs.”

Meanwhile, Drona Prasad Lamichhane, whose father Yam Lal Lamichhane gave life in the 2063 movement, paying tribute to all recognized and non-recognized martyrs, questioned the roles of political leaders and expressed his dissatisfaction over not having been successful in fulfilling their political commitment.

He said, “Millions attended the street protest, and many gave their lives to institutionalize the then political agendas. People brought democracy. People helped overthrow the monarchy. I warn them-What happened to the political leaders’ public commitment?”

Injured of 2063 movement, Megh Raj Aacharya, after reciting his poem that paid homage to martyrs, viewed that leaders observing one minute silence every year at Sahid Gate was not enough rather the martyrs must be respected truly.

He said he was sad that most of the families of martyrs are in the condition of not being able even to fulfill their basic needs. “Many martyrs’ families live a rather poor life. They have difficulty fulfilling their basic needs. But the government has ignored them and forgotten them.”

Aacharya who was shot in his heart during the movement shared that martyrs’ families’ tragedy were not properly addressed by the respective government organs.

Martyr Govindasnath Sharma’s widow Bhagwati Sharma, Martyr Anil Kumar Lama’s widow Maya Lama, Martyr Bashudev Ghimire’s widow Sunita Lama and Martyr Sagun Tamrakar’s widow Jaya Tamrakar were present in the program.