‘Karnali Darpan’ released: Karnali zone is no ‘six blinds and an elephant story’

Karnali Darpan released- Photo: Mukunda Kalikote

KATHMANDU, Feb 1: Karnali Darpan, a book authored by Puri Chandra Devkota was released today at Reporters’ Club Nepal, Kathmandu.

Minister for Urban Development Arjun Narsingh KC, House Member Lalit Jung Shahi, Radio Nepal’s journalist Nabaraj Lamsal and the Reporters’ Club Nepal President Rishi Dhamala jointly released the book.

Author Devkota claimed the book reflects the true cultural identity and life style of people of Karnali.

Commenting on the book Radio Nepal journalist Lamsal said, “We should see Karnali critically. I hope this book will be very helpful to the readers who wish to learn about Karnali.”

He added, “Karnali carries the history of origin of all Khas people who went to Mahabharat war. But today, time has changed. Now Karnali seeks change. The ecological, socio-cultural and economic difficulty needs to be addressed and vast change has to be made. And for that change Kathmandu has a key role to play.”

He appealed political leaders to address the difficulties being faced by the people of Karnali and furthered commented, “Alike several other areas Karnali posses vast resources. Though, it is socially and culturally rich, there has been a compulsion this zone be linked with Kathmandu to be brought into light.”

Referring to a story of  ‘six blinds and an elephant’ he added, “Though Karnali is a remote zone, it is not as how we perceive as a place of hunger and poverty. We should see Karnali critically.” He continued,”The book also describes Karnali as a place of treasures and full of possibilities. But the bitter fact is that these treasures and resources have not been utilized in a way that benefits locals.”

Minister KC said the transformation of country into federal state would help reduce the gap between Karnali and Kathmandu.

Also speaking during the program, House Member Shahi said the government has not been serious in the development of Karnali zone. “Karnali has been made a business tool for dollars which is not helping in the development of the zone.”

Senior Journalist Dhamala promised to raise voice for the development of Karnali through journalism.