Election is the only basis of democracy: Rishi Dhamala


KATHMANDU, Feb 18: Reporters’s Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala today said since election is the only basis of democracy, we should not dillydally on taking the nation into the path of election.

Addressing the chess tournament 2073 organized on the occasion of 67th Democracy day presided by the tournament’s president and coordinator Kedar Chadkuli at Bhrikutimandap today, he noted the indispensability of election for institutionalizing and strengthening democracy. He said, “Election is undoubtedly a basis for institutionalizing democracy. Freedom of expression is the most beautifully decorated aspect of democracy.”


He added it was unfortunate that political leaders have failed to direct the constitution to the path of implementation even after one and half years of constitution promulgation. He said, “Election must be held within 2074 Magh 7 for the implementation of constitution. For that, all the political parties must prepare themselves. But most importantly, election if held in consensus is way too better.”

He made it clear that there was no alternative to democracy. He remarked it was appreciable to organize chess tournament on the occasion of democracy day. He added, “Chess is a game of intelligence. Bhrikutimandap is itself a junction of games and sports. Now that Reporters’ Club has arrived at Bhrikutimandap, we witness competition among the political leaders here at the club.”

He also viewed sports as a tool for persisting integrity among people in society and nation.

In the tournament Dharma Raj Rai secured first place. Meanwhile, Sanjiv Shrestha, Hom Bahadur Thapa ended second and third respectively while Mahesh Dongol was consoled to fourth place. The winners were awarded with prizes and certificates.