Ambassador Rae asks govt to take all parties into confidence before going for the polls

Ambassador Ranjit Rae- Photo: Mukunda Kalikote, Reporters' Club Nepal

KATHMANDU, Feb 24: Ambassador of India to Nepal Ranjit Rae has asked Nepal government to take all the parties into confidence before going for the polls.

Speaking during a farewell program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal today Ambassador Rae said, “India as the largest democracy in the world, we support every move and effort made for strengthening democracy in Nepal. It has been our policy continuously over the period of time. And, it is my request to the government of Nepal to take all the political parties into confidence before going for the polls which is going to take place on May 14.”

Ambassador Rae said Nepal-India bilateral relation has been always positive added that both the countries should exercise more for making it stronger in economic, social, cultural and so many other aspects.

He stressed on emphasizing economic cooperation between two countries developing people-to-people connectivity as Nepal and India were neighboring countries.

“There have been several efforts to develop people-to-people connectivity between Nepal and India.” He added.

“An agreement of 34 billion rupees has been made for constructing Mahakali bridge and 15 roads to develop people-to-people connectivity. When Mahakali bridge construction completes, it will especially benefit people of Far-western region in Nepal and Uttarkhanda in India in various aspects. This bridge will develop connectivity and bring a positive change in the people of these areas.” He said.

“Next Project is the ongoing Pancheshwor Hydropower. It is our target is to approve Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the project until June,” he said,”After Mahakali bridge completes, it will be very benificial for Pancheshwor Hydropower Project.”

He also expressed his confidence that the Pancheshwor project would be very beneficial to Pancheshwor Project and added it would bring revolutionary transformation in the lives of people in Far-western and Uttarkhanda regions.

“Another issue is Railway connectivity. Minister for Railways of India Suresh Pravu recently announced that he wanted to build Kolkata to Kathmandu, Delhi to Kathmandu connecting railway.” He said.

Ambassador Rae added that they currently had five connectivity projects, two of which– Jogbani to Biratnagar Railway and Janakpur-Jainagar-Bardibas Railway were in rapid construction process.

Ambassador Rae added that the third project was the Integrity Check Post (ICP) build on 165 acre land separately in Rakshoul and Birjung. “These ICP projects are very impressive and has established as world class trade and financial centre.” He also stated that another ICP was under construction in Biratnagar, and two more would be build in near future.

He furthered that the Hulaki Rajmargha and other Bus services would also be helpful in establishing people-to-people connectivity between Nepal and India. “There are Bus Services in regulation from Kathmandu to Delhi, Kathmandu to Banaras, Pokhara to Delhi, Mahendranagar to Delhi, which has positively impacted the people and their relation between two countries.”

“Another initiative is that, cabinet of India has already approved a budget of 1 billion US dollar for Arun III Hydropower Project. This project will gain rapid implementation from ground level very soon. There are some problems about forest land clearing, which we have been in contact with Forest Ministry.”He said.

He said that India has been taking initiative to start Koshi High Dam Project. “If this Koshi High Dam Project completes it will help in irrigation and flood control in Bihar, and Nepal will have direct access to sea.”

Reporters’ Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala had bid farewell to Ambassador Rae amid the program.