Madhesi Front will take part in election if election-environment favors them: Anil Jha

Anil Jha

KATHMNDU, March 22: Charman of Nepal Sadbhawana Party Anil Jha has cleared that Madhesi Front would participate in election providing election-friendly environment to Front is created.

Speaking during an interaction organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Wednesday he said, “Madhesi Front forwarded amendment on 103 issues in the constitution of Nepal. But now we have reduced our demand to three points, and still government is dillydallying on endorsing the bill. We should be made clear whether the bill would be endorsed or not. Government should not confuse the Madhes-based parties and should create Madhes favorable environment so that we could participate in election.”

He added, “Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist center all boycotted the election in the past, but Madhesi Front has never boycotted election. The ruling and opposition parties are using Madhesi Front and potting to bereave the latter from the local level election. Government must come up with result oriented plans and create election friendly environment.”

In another note, he said the Supreme Court’s decision to annul government’s decision to appoint Jay Bahadur Chand as Inspector General of Police was constitutional and added, “All should accept the Supreme Court’s decision as it was essential to democratic practice.”