‘Google Boy’ Pandit says, “Every child can become like me”

Google Boy Kautilya Pandit

KATHMANDU, March 24: Kautilya Pandit, also famous as ‘Google Boy’ of India thinks every child can become as outstanding and genius as him if they learn to grasp ‘each and every minute concept’ and utilize it into their life.

“I am like every other child,” said the nine year old Pandit, who has immense memory power, speaking at a press conference at the Reporters’ Club Nepal today, “I am not god gifted. All you need to do is know yourself and exercise your brain. You can become like me.”

Currently on Nepal and visiting religious places, he was picked by Highland Entertainment Pvt Ltd and EIPTV Nepal for his mental ability and brought to Reporters’ Club Nepal.

At this age, when other children play toys and struggle to learn alphabets and simple mathematics, Pandit remains busy surprising his parents, friends and people performing amazing jobs.

He has left the world with their mouth open with his breathtaking achievements. He has almost completed giving his presentations in all the television channels broadcasted from India.

Also the winner of the survey entitled ‘Nine Wonder kids of South Asia’ conducted by Deccan Chronicle magazine, Pundit has received more than 400 awards so far and has recorded himself as the first man to receive as many awards at the youngest age. He is also the youngest anchor of Zee News.

Pandit, who has an excellent IQ, is interested in world’s history and astrological science. “I want to become an astrologer.” said Pandit.

“He never forgets. Everything he learns, he remembers. He has perfect record in his school,” said his mother Sumita Sharma.

“He interacts with everyone he meets, and learns something from them. He takes every moment as an opportunity and a source to learn things”

“I have very much impressed by his extraordinary mental abilities.” said Mahesh Chandra Sharma, Chief of Nepal-India Library.

“He has come to Nepal to visit Pashupatinath Temple. Yesterday he went to NK Singh Memorial School here and amazed the students and teachers there. The boy could really become inspiration to several other children at school,” Sharma added.

Pandit is from Haryana, India. He has also been honored with ‘Ratna Hindustan Award’, ‘Bal Manishi (Child Prodigy) title.

The German Channel ‘Gallilleo’ has made a documentary about Kautilya Pandit. The documentary was telecasted by Asia Calling Channel in 48 different countries.