New amendment proposal even more threatening to nationality, claims Mahaseth


KATHMANDU, April 11: Main opposition CPN-UML leader Raghubir Mahaseth has claimed that the new constitution amendment proposal the government is set to register at the parliament is even more threatening to nationality than the previous one.

Speaking during an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Tuesday, Mahaseth said, “the new amendment bill is even more threatening as it includes amendment in Article 274.”

He also claimed that the new amendment bill was brought without discussing with UML.

“Prime Minister has said that the bill was drafted after a lot of discussions UML, but it is not true. Neither have we agreed on it,” he said.

Mahaseth also announced that UML would never let the government to make amendments in the Article 274 of the constitution.

He further said that adding the number of local body units in Province 2 and 11 according to population were objectionable.

“Why only 11 districts of these two provinces? Why not 75 districts?” he said.

He was of the view that geographical distribution of the country should also be considered while adding local bodies.

“UML will play constructive role if any issue goes in favor of national interest. So far as Article 274 is concerned, it is connected to nationality. It cannot be amended,” he added.