Perfectionist Aamir Khan has a uniques clause in all his contracts


April 18: Mr. Aamir Khan is indeed a perfectionist by profession. His acting skills need no description. He comes up with movies whose story blow up minds of million people. His fan following is not a result of some child born with a silver spoon in his mouth. It is indeed his hard work and effort he puts in on a movie. His stardom is the result of his versatile acting skills.

He is seen onscreen each year just once. But, when you see him you never get enough of him. His acting skills make you wait for the next year till his new movie is released. No matter, if it is playing a student of an Engineering College, a memory disorder patient, a police officer or a father and a boxer at the same time. He has exceptional acting skills that make him the best suite for the tag “Mr. Perfectionist”.

So, now without any further wait lets talk about his unusual clause in all his contracts. The unusual clause that is seen in all his movie contracts is that “HE SHOULD NOT BE SHOT FROM A LOW ANGLE”.

This is indeed a weird clause because for us he looks best in all angles. Mr. Perfectionist doesn’t need to shy away as people love him in each way possible. Don’t know whether it is his insecurity or it is some part of his perfectionists’ behavior. But, the only think we know is Aamir Khan is the best actor that Bollywood has ever produced and he will always be loved and respected by the people. And we respect this clause too.PAGAL PARROT