After Guinness world record, RK Subedi seeks World Tour


KATHMANDU, April 30: Ram Bahadur Subedi (RK), after recording his name in the Guinness Books of World Records by organizing National Box Office Film Fare Award this January at the altitude of 4,627 meter, Everest Base Camp, is looking for a World Tour.

He says he is planning to tour 196 countries all around the globe and organize film fare award function in each country, where different film crew members and actors as well as Nepali migrants working in interest of Nepal and Nepal’s nationality would be awarded.

But his tour will basically be focused on Film Fare Awards. “We will begin our tour from United Kingdom,” says RK, also the chairperson of Box Office International Group, Box Office Film Club Nepal.

“We are organizing the 10th Edition of National Box Office Film Fare Award in United Kingdom on July 1st in collaboration with Third Eye team UK, where we will confer awards to different individuals working in the field on Nepalese film developments in 32 various categories,” said RK, who has remained active in movie journalism for 20 years.

“We are preparing for the nominations. It will be finalized by June 12.”

Box Office International Group has already organized such film fare award functions in Nepal, Dubai and Thailand. In Thailand, the award functions took place above the Pataiya Bridge and under the under the sea below the same bridge. He even organized film fare award at midnight in the middle of Nagarkot forest and in a flying plane above 39,000 meters height of sea level.

RK views that Nepalese film industry has not gained pace as expected comparing to Bollywood and Hollywood and the actors of Nepali movies have not been given as much respect as they should be.

“I am really worried about Nepalese film industry. I believe that organizing such awards in international venues and remote destinations would help in recognition of the talents of Nepali film and approbation of the achievements Nepali Film Industry,” he added.

RK is planning to tour 11 countries this year. “After United Kindgom, We will tour to Canada, then Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia this year,” he said.

“We have already completed our nominations for the film fare award being organized in Toronto in Canada on May.”

“It will continue, and we have planned to complete our world tour in 17 years.”

Also the producer of Nepali movies Patrakar and Desh le Magdaima Dinuparcha, added, “We have also been organizing picnics and friendly football of Nepali movie actors and several other gatherings in different international venues.”