UML unveils elections manifesto targeting prosperous Nepal

UML election manifesto

PRAKASH SILWAL, KATHMANDU, May 1: The CPN (UML) has unveiled the party’s manifesto for the local level elections with the commitments and promises to make a prosperous and strong country.

The manifesto was made public amid the presence of party Chairman KP Sharma Oli and senior leaders at a programme organized in the party central office today.

The UML has described the local level elections as the crucial phase of constitution’s implementation and beginning of the new ear adding that that the polls would contribute to create a foundation stone for federalism, prosperity and socialism.

The manifesto has forwarded the slogan of ‘Ones Village; Self Build’ with the plans to further expand them.
The UML has claimed itself as the leading force of democratic movement and mainstream of communist movement, and has envisaged a democratic, pluralistic, open, competitive, economically prosperous nation based on social justice through the means of socio-economic transformation.

The UML has stated that the programmes of “Let’s Build Our Village Ourselves,” Nau Sa (Nine S) and social security allowance started during the then party chairman and Prime Minister Manmohan Adhikari ‘s term have added to excitement and ray of hope among the folks.

Likewise, the manifesto has claimed that the governments formed under the leadership of the UML leaders in the republic era have also made positive impressions to the people.

The manifesto has targeted for ‘Nepalese People’s Dream: Prosperity and Establishment of Socialism’ aiming to graduate Nepal as a developing nation within five years and make the per capita income 5000 US Dollars within a decade to make Nepal a middle-income nation.

In 25 years, the bases for establishment of socialism would be strengthened making Nepal a prosperous nation.
Likewise, a total of 15,000 megawatt electricity would be generated through the medium of run of the river, reservoir-based, solar and other alternative means in a decade.

The UML has said that the entire power would be channelised for development of strong and self-reliant national economy, learning lessons from the repeated economic blockade, interference and offence from India.

Past transit and transport agreement signed with China as well as other different agreements including railway, petroleum, energy and communication would be brought into implementation, mentioned the party’s manifesto.
Similarly, economic relations with India and China would be taken to a new height, according to the manifesto. The manifesto reads, “Dependency will be ended by developing new partnership with South Asian countries.”

Task related to infrastructure development and market promotion would be forwarded in order to attract five million tourists in next 10 years and all production mechanism would be incorporated in industrialization, according to the manifesto.
The manifesto stated that necessary support would be provided to Group of Eminent Persons formed by the erstwhile government to make its activities effective and diplomatic initiatives and bilateral discussion would be forwarded to resolve border related problems and for the management of border check points.

The CPN (UML) has announced to launch education, awareness and empowerment programme to end superstition in Tarai and to introduce a special programme to address various problems including poverty in Tarai-Madhes.
Likewise, the manifesto stated that a provision would be made that the centre, province and local governments should invest at least 20 per cent budget of their total budget in education sector to ensure free education.

The CPN (UML) has a plan to implement democratic norms along with press freedom to three levels of federal structure, to provide broadband internet service to all wards of local levels of Tarai-Madhes, hilly and mountainous districts within two years and to provide internet service to local levels lacking optical fibre facility through microwave frequency.