Biratnagar joins the league of metropolitan cities, rolls up sleeves for celebration


BIRATNAGAR, May 23: Biratnagar is gearing up for a grand celebration in response to the government’s announcement to upgrade the sub metropolis into a metropolitan city.

The Cabinet meeting held on Monday evening took the decision to upgrade Biratnagar sub metropolis into a metropolitan city.

The local political party leaders, lawmakers, trade and social organizations had been lobbying for too long to designate the status to Biratnagar.

The city currently has a total population of 214,000 which will be enlarged further with the merger of Tanki Sinubari village’s population of around 2o,ooo and 8,000 more from Jahada – 3.

The city’s estimated population is expected to balloon to 240,000 with the merger of additional wards. The city currently has 19 wards.

The Morang Chamber of Commerce and Industry is hosting a Deepawali – a celebration of lights – in Biratnagar this evening to mark the government’s announcement. It has appealed to all the town dwellers to take part in the celebration.

The Chamber issued a statement ‘heartily welcoming’ the government’s decision and expressing gratitude to all the political parties and town’s residents for support in a long – drawn out effort.

Biratnagar, which has remained a hub of political and industrial progress, will now join a league of country’s four metropolitan cities – Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bharatpur and Pokhara. RSS