Local levels get budget on the basis of federal setup

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KATHMANDU, May 29: The new budget in line with the new Constitution has allocated budget to the local levels separately for the implementation of the federalism.

Presenting the budget for the fiscal year 2017/18, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Krishna Bahadur Mahara said that rural municipalities are given minimum Rs 100 million to maximum Rs 390 million while the municipalities would get minimum Rs 150 million to maximum Rs 430 million.

Likewise, sub-metropolitan city would get minimum Rs 400 million to maximum Rs 630 million and metropolitan city are given from Rs 560 million to Rs 1.24 billion directly. It is to be given as grant.

Likewise, provision has been ensured to provide Rs 67.41 billion as conditional grant. Under the scheme, a rural municipality would get minimum Rs 12 million to maximum Rs 172.2 million while the municipality would get minimum Rs 39.5 million to Rs 312.7 million.

Likewise, a sub-metropolitan city would get from Rs 148 million to Rs 310 million. In the case of metropolitan city, the amount would range from Rs 281.2 million to Rs 783.9 million.

As per the budget provision, the projects and programs fallen under the jurisdiction of the local levels but currently being operated from the line ministries are being handed over along with budget by mid-August. However, such programs should have the limit of Rs 5 million in rural municipality, Rs 10 million in municipality and Rs 20 million in sub-metropolitan city and metropolitan city. RSS