UML Chair Oli calls for consensus among the major political parties


KATHMANDU, June 6: The main opposition party CPN-UML Chair KP Sharma Oli, addressing the meeting of the Legislature-Parliament today, has said that the House obstruction has been removed keeping in mind the understanding reached among the major political parties and the national necessity.

Making a statement in the House before the start of the process for the election of new Prime Minister, he stated that all sides came to an understanding for pursuing the second-phase of local election with the first-phase local election having been completed and for achieving the goal of holding the province and federal parliament.

Oli accused the ruling parties to have committed activities like booth capturing, election fraud and tearing of ballot papers during the first-phase local election and demanded such activities to be stopped. He further expressed the hope that the parliamentary committee that is to be formed as per their this demand would carry out the important work.

Oli questioned why PM Prachanda would resign between the two phases of local level election and further said it would be better if the PM informed the House about the reason for doing so.

While accusing the ruling side of behaving in a premeditated manner over the issue of the tearing of ballot papers while vote counting was underway in Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Ward No. 19 under the first-phase local election, he wondered what was the compulsion with the ruling side of not accepting the election results and anyhow win the election.

Contending that the vote counting center at Bharatpur had not been captured, leader Oli said that the vote counting should have been resumed after taking legal action against those accused of tearing the ballot papers, he said that was not done but an intention of holding a re-voting was kept.

He alleged that the chief election officer of Bharatpur had abetted in institutionalizing the wrong act of tearing the ballot papers and that the decision of the Election Commission on this issue was impartial.

Stating that the torn ballot papers should have been declared invalid and the rest of the other ballot papers should have been counted, Oli objected , “The wrong act committed after sensing that they were going to lose in the election is a mockery and the rejection of the people’s votes. This will only invite trouble to the future to the democracy.”

Chair Oli added that Nepali Congress and CPN (Maoist Centre) failed to deliver their authentic views regarding the ballot paper tearing issues at the mayoral election at Bharatpur.

He said that he was puzzled while CPN (Maoist Center) welcomed their cadres involved in ballot paper tearing issues rather punishing them adding that it was against the democratic values.

Leader Oli further said that his party felt the responsibility of resuming House, to elect the new Prime Minister and the Bharatpur issue has entered in the Supreme Court.

In another context, the leader of the opposition party ruled out the rumour that his party was against the people of  Tarai. He expressed dissatisfaction regarding to blame the UML in Rajbiraj incident. RSS