‘Deuba will become successful if he conducts three-tier elections in time’


KATHMANDU, June 6: Political experts views that Sher Bahadur Deuba’s tenure as the Prime Minister of Nepal will become successful if he successfully conducts the second phase local level elections and the elections of Provincial and Federal levels.

“PM Deuba has several challenges ahead. Agitating Madhes-centric parties are still reiterating their stance that the constitution amendment bill should be endorsed through parliament or they would not participate in the election. It is now Deuba’s duty to create favorable environment for Madhes based parties to come to election,” said expert Purushottam Dahal while speaking at interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Wednesday.

“Besides, Like Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, Deuba should also be able to learn to properly honor and utilize the gentleman agreement made between Nepali Congress and CPN (Maoist Center). He must work to keep the coalition going,” he added.

Deuba returned to the power for the fourth time on Tuesday, 12 years after he was removed by the then King Gyanendra in humiliating fashion during Maoist insurgency in 2005. He succeeded Prachanda as the 40th prime minister of Nepal.

Deuba’s candidacy was backed by ‘Prachanda’ honoring the power sharing  agreement signed by the duo in August last year. Prachanda had resigned from the post of prime minister on May 24, days after successfully conducting the first phase of local level election.

Deuba while offering his candidacy in the parliament, had expressed his commitments to hold three sets of elections, endorsement of the constitution amendment bill currently stuck at the House, balance in diplomatic ties with neighboring India and China and economic prosperity through development by inviting foreign investments.

Expert Dahal further said that Deuba should be able to keep himself to the code of his commitments along with maintaining balance within the party otherwise he will be politically diminished.

Likewise, Dr Sundar Mani Dikshit viewed that the Deuba’s fourth stint as PM was based more on temptation to power that opinion. “It is very surprising how the two parties with such different principles formed understanding and united. It is nothing more than continuing to remain in power. Also this coalition is influenced by nepotism.”

Dikshit suggested Deuba and Prachanda to visit people of Madhes at their doorstep to address their concerns.

He added that the Deuba government’s another challenge was to improve the diplomatic relation with neighbor India as soon as possible. He said, “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is different from the previous ones. Deuba should not hesitate to take important diplomatic moves to increase connectivity, foster development activities, treaties.”

Similarly, Dr. Surendra KC suggested Deuba to listen to Madhesi people rather Madhesi leaders if he has to truly meet the demands of Madhes.

Another expert Bijaya Kanta Karna advised Deuba to take his fourth stint as a great opportunity to prove his worth by conducting all three tier election in time.